Balcony Rail Design Ideas Ideal Height

You are lucky if your house has a balcony, the bigger the better. It is the perfect place to spend your afternoons, relaxing from a hard day of work. The balcony can also be the favorite place for your children to play. This has to be a secure place for your whole family.

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As balconies are often at height places and you need to have a balcony rail, to secure this place. Besides safety issues, those rails also give you house a touch of elegance and beauty. Their design should match the theme of the whole house and be pleasant to look at. There are different classical and trendy designs available in both hardware store or online. You can even have one custom made to match your needs.

Balcony rail also has to be made of a good durable material as balconies almost never have roofs and many materials can be damaged by bad weather conditions. The best materials include wrought iron, different metals and glass. Wood is not considered safe for balcony rail construction.

Different Styles of Balcony Rail

There are types of balconies that have totally different looks and purposes. A special balcony needs a special balcony rail. Here are three main types of balconies:

  • False balcony. This is also called Juliet balcony. The idea comes from Romeo and Juliet. The balcony rail of those is made of wrought iron or other metals. They look like full balconies but actually they are not. It can be only a few inches deep. They are usually around small doors and big windows. There are ready made Juliet balconies available, that can be installed in one piece.
  • Faux balcony. These look like real balconies, but they really are not. They have a decorative purpose and are usually found around windows. This balcony rail is made either of wrought iron or sometimes aluminum.
  • True balcony. This is “the real” balcony. It has a balcony rail and a floor to stand on. There are braces for supporting the weight and allowing people to stand on the balcony. True balconies are made of different metals. Wrought iron balcony rail is most used on modern balconies.

People like to decorate their balconies with flowers and flower boxes. True and false balconies have space for planters and flower pots. Flowers make a beautiful addition to your house.

How to Install a Balcony Rail

Deciding on materials is the first and most important step. Wrought iron is considered the most durable a safe kind on balcony rail. You also need to measure the area and decide the distance between two balusters. When you have calculated the amount of balusters needed, all you have to do is to purchase them along with tools and materials for the job.

When you have all you need and are ready to start work, use a measuring tape to mark down the spots for the pipes. Now you need to drill holes for each balcony rail. These holes should me ½ inches wider than the poles and at least 2 inches deep. Now clean all the debris and remove the dust. Mix the adhesive and install the balusters. Now put the adhesive in the hole and fill the space to secure the balusters. Make sure the poles are even. When everything looks great let the adhesive dry.


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