Glass Railings Styles And Designs Simplified

No way to get around supplying railings in many different places.  For health and safety reasons, almost all residences and commercial buildings will have to have some kind of railings in or on the building.

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The newest innovation comes with great style and clever engineering allowing for outstanding visibility in all directions.  Glass railings are the coolest thing since sliced bread and can be installed on stairs, decks, balconies, around swimming pools, sporting events or even used as fancy fencing.

What exactly are Glass Railings?

To comply with safety codes and regulations, railings have been required for structures for all types of reasons with protection being paramount.  Usually these railings have been wooden, iron, grate,  or strung cable.  Not only is this new design of glass railings stylish, it provides impeccable viewing capability.  Contractors have touted the new railings as being simple to install and relatively modest in cost.  According to manufactures, these glass railings can be assembled and constructed by even the most novices of handy men or women.

Components of Glass Railings

  • Safety tempered and shatter resistant glass  (¼  inch to ¾ inch in thickness) costing from 30$ to 60$ per linear foot
  • For decks, wood posts spaced at the maximum five feet apart
  • For decks, wood  to build a channel for the glass railing fitted on the top and bottom of posts
  • For stairs or decks, channelled rail connectors (either straight or contoured)
  • Some glass railings systems come with pre-assembled aluminium framing where the colour is predetermined

Advantages of Glass Railings

  • Quick installation
  • Complies with building codes
  • Customized colours
  • Rust free, resistant to salt
  • Engineered for inside or outside applications
  • See through ability for opening up the a wide expanses for optimal visibility

Glass railings can open up a view to an incredible world when placed on high rise buildings in a metropolitan setting.  Imagine living in the country, sitting on a deck with miles of hills spreading out into the vastness.  A person can commune with nature as he or she actually becomes one with it through the magic of glass.  I envision sitting on a ski slope, eating my lunch while sitting behind a railing made of glass so I can feel like I am actually out on the ski run, not missing a thing.  With an antiquated rail I would most likely feel trapped and cold missing out on all the action.

Many houses are multi-level in this day and age because of space and the ‘build it deeper and cheaper’ mentality.  Of course more and more houses have to have stairs in to move people from one level to another.  Just imagine how placing glass railings instead of the standard old wood ones could and would expand the size of your house just by opening it up.

The first time I saw glass railings was at an ice hockey game.  It provided a way for the fans to see all that was happening on the ice while creating protection from misguided pucks.  Now they are being used in all kinds of sporting events to keep people in and in some situations, to keep them out.  Swimming competitions, horse events, any field game can be controlled by fencing now with the use of glass railings.  The sky is the limit, literally!


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